Celebrating Our 40th Anniversary at Exciting Windows! by Apollo Draperies in Cincinnati, Ohio

Posted on: September 4, 2013
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This year, Dale and I are celebrating our 28th wedding anniversary. Every year on our anniversary, I reminisce about every detail of the entire day. I can remember our wedding day like it was yesterday and I’m sure my 3 children, Brett 26, Ryan 23, and Abby 20 could recite the details of our wedding as well right up to the puffy white clouds and beautiful blue sky!

Dale and I are celebrating another huge milestone in our lives. It’s the 40th anniversary for our family business, Exciting Windows! by Apollo Draperies. Reminiscing back 40 years ago, I was entering the 6th grade at a new school on the other side of town. Little did I know at this time my future in-laws, Elliot and Alvina Engdahl were opening the doors to Apollo Draperies. Today, I am proud to say, Our doors are still open in the same location where it all began. This anniversary, I am reflecting back on where our business began and where we are now in Window Fashions.

Window Fashions have changed and evolved over the past 40 years in a fabulous way. In 1973, the year when our doors were opened, Cincinnati was in the middle of an energy crisis and recession. Window treatments were very minimalistic; fabric window treatments usually consisted of a gathered top treatment on a curtain rod and on occasion cornices and swags would be used, and the craze for blinds were 1-inch mini-blinds and verticals. Can you guess the popular color??? You got it!- avocado green!?! Whoohoo! I’m glad that trend is over.

Colors and styles have cycled and resurfaced over the years. Usually, reappearing later with a new name. Perhaps you remember the Flame Stitch Pattern? Fast forward 40 years and we now refer to this pattern as Chevron. Slightly different, but yet the same.

Today, I design styles that are reflective to my client’s lifestyles and personalities.

The new Window Fashion trends include drapery panels and soft treatments. Drapery Panels have decorative trims and hardware, which creates a beautiful focal point in any room. Soft Treatments are detailed in a way completely different from what neighbors, family, and friends have in their homes. Window Fashions are providing the unique artwork necessary to pull the entire room together, giving any room the finishing touch.

My goal for our blog is to keep you up to date and informed with our latest Exciting Windows! projects, styles, and challenges. As they said over and over on television in the early 70’s………

……..Stay Tuned!

Tina Engdahl

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