Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Posted on: April 21, 2014
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Unify Open Spaces with Energy-Saving Window Fashions Now!

One of the nicest things that homebuilders have done for us in recent years is to design large open spaces into new homes. Those with older homes are opening spaces by removing walls so as to enjoy the same effect. These multi-use rooms often include living, dining and cooking areas all in one large and flowing space, contained only by the windows and walls that define the outermost shape of this part of the home. People come and go without doorways, and feel comfortable traversing the formality or informality that is designed into each space’s décor. This “wide open spaces” approach to living has a few issues built into it that can make the flow of space look disjointed or uneasy… and the windows that are common to all this space are the best places to unify the multiple living area style. With the right selection of window fashions, in colors, textures, designs and materials, spaces meld together to form a beautiful connection that even activates the wall space between them!

Window Decor Tip Of the Month:

Summer's almost here, and the time is right to...

Add some summer color and light to your rooms! What better inspiration is there than this most wonderful change of seasons to make some colorful enhancements to your rooms by updating your window fashions? There are so many dollar-smart ways to make your windows work in every season by making them better at light control, which ultimately saves you energy dollars all year, and makes your rooms lovelier and more comfortable for you and your family. I love the look of plantation shutters, but they also control light and heat. Gorgeous lined draperies can do the same thing, with a softer overall appeal. We can guide you to so many beautiful solutions for any window or problem area, right in your own home... it's the very BEST way to get the look and feel you want, customized for your needs in every detail, and at the best value possible. There's no obligation, so why not call for a free consultation!

Choose One Theme… Then Use Creativity!

It really is just that easy. Maybe the unifying theme you want is crisp Roman Shades. Or perhaps marvelous louvered sheers should be the unifying layer for use on every window in your “great space”. That won’t stop you from adding a second layer to make the living area more formal, a different layer for the dining space that lets more daylight in, and yet another that is easier to clean for the cooking space, and just as beautiful as the other two. We can show you how these and thousands of other possibilities, including valances, cornices and fabric styles, can tie even the most open of spaces together, without doing an entire room makeover. We have loads of experience doing just that very thing, and will work within your budget to make your open spaces look and feel beautiful.

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