Spring Clean Your Window Treatments

Posted on: March 17, 2014
Tags: Maintenance

Spring Clean Your Window Treatments

It’s that time of year again when we all start our spring-cleaning. Don’t forget to include your window treatments on your checklist. Throughout the year, draperies, blinds, verticals, and shades accumulate dirt, dust, grease, and bacteria. It is recommended to have your fabric window treatments dry-cleaned every 5-7 years. For a thorough and gentle cleaning it is recommended that your blinds, verticals, shades, etc. be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner every 3-5 years.

Did you know that hand dusting your blinds creates static electricity? The static electricity attracts more dirt and dust causing these surfaces to become dirty even faster. We clean the ultrasonic way. The ultrasonic cleaning tank gently cleans any type of blinds (wood or aluminum) or shades (pleated, cellular and roll shades) as well as verticals and woven woods.

This spring don’t let your window treatments stop you from opening your windows. Our service includes taking down your window treatments, cleaning them, as well as putting them back up. Call today 513-948-1102 for an estimate and become one step closer to completing your Spring-cleaning.

Click here for tips on how to help keep your window treatments clean and beautiful.

Spring also means it is time for something new. If you are wanting to start new and fresh this spring with new window treatments, we can help! Our new spring fabric line is arriving daily. Call today, 513-948-1102, and schedule an appointment to meet with our designer, Tina, and ask about our new spring fabrics. 

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