Roller Shades, Panel Tracks and Walls

Posted on: March 10, 2014
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Transform your home this spring with the season’s biggest trend: Walls.  Walls used to be ignored. Maybe they were painted, maybe they were not touched beyond your child’s sticky fingers. All of a sudden, in the last few years, people have really started to pay attention to making their walls a distinct style structure, expressing their personality with accent colors or calming hues. Walls are the biggest trend this coming season, but they are not the star of the show. What is done to your walls will speak volumes about your home. How they are showcased and presented is precisely what will transform your home from ordinary to outstanding. Be purposeful. Create a room that inspires you. We can help make this a reality with the most significant aspect of your walls: Your windows. Your walls set the stage, but your windows create the dynamic atmosphere. We have chosen two of the hottest styles in window fashion this season to highlight exactly what new window treatments can do for your home. Transform your walls. Transform your windows. Transform your home. 

Panel Tracks

Use some of the largest spaces in your home to accentuate your style with Panel Tracks. Typically intended for sliding glass doors and oversized windows, Panel Tracks offer high-end style at an affordable price. With a clean, straightforward look, the panels emphasize your beautiful view without complication. 

Roller Shades

With simple design, your style will be in the spotlight with Roller Shades. The beauty of this product comes when you add your design preferences.  A practical choice when it comes to form, function and financial decisions, Roller Shades can be kept simple, or dressed up with accessory options such as valances and cornices. 

The options with both Roller Shades and Panel Tracks are endless. Of course, you want something that highlights your style. The vast assortment of fabrics and textures are available to coordinate with the other windows in the same space, making your design aspirations a reality throughout your home.  Enjoy the scenery beyond your home even while the window treatments are closed when you choose a solar mesh, diminishing the glare, yet still offering partial view-through. Further your light control options by choosing a fabric with room-darkening qualities.  Roller Shades and Panel Tracks both offer the ease of function; when it comes to using your sliding doors or enjoying your beautiful view, there is nothing quite as important. With effortless motion, Panel Tracks and Roller Shades can be adjusted for exactly what you need, alleviating any stress you may have had in regard to covering those windows and doors. Safety features for children and pets include durable fabrics and cordless operation. Panel Tracks can be ordered with a baton draw. 

A new season is upon us. Revolutionize your home with décor that suites your style and reflects your personality. Let us help you discover how window treatments will transform your home. 

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