Make Kids' Study Spaces a Personally Rewarding Place to Be!

Posted on: September 25, 2013
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Make Kids’ “Study Spaces” a Personally Rewarding Place to Be!

What makes your home’s living spaces lovely and comfortable also makes for great study space for the younger members of your household, making studying easier and more enjoyable, too! And don’t your home’s students deserve the best possible environment to help them make the best of their homework time? By decorating your child’s room with personality, light control and privacy in mind, you’re giving him or her the personal space needed to make study time more satisfying. AND, you’re adding value to your home!

Light control is probably the most important aspect of that personal space (because so much of homework is about reading), followed by privacy… and where else is there to start than at the windows to address these two aspects? Custom window treatments are the perfect upgrade for both total light control AND privacy, and give you THE BEST OPPORTUNITY to express your child’s personality in the room’s décor. Think custom draperies in colors and design themes your child loves, add custom shadings or blinds beneath to master light control and heating/cooling loss, and details like imaginative tiebacks, valances, cornices and more to make the room completely unique to your child. We can help you with products, designs and budgets for just about any wallet, and we would love to share some ideas with you. Just give us a call (513) 948-1102, and we’ll set up a no-cost, at-home consultation!

Michael Payne's Window Décor Tip of the Month:

First Ask, “What’s YOUR Favorite Color?” Then…

Ask your child what his or her favorite color is, and you’ll get a quick answer. Then ask what the SECOND favorite color is, and you’ve opened a gold-mine that will help you create the perfect look for your child’s room by using BOTH of those colors. This gives you the opportunity to add details in either color, in trims, paint, accessories, custom pillows and bedspreads, floor coverings, lighting and furnishings. This will also keep you from getting bogged down in matching just one color, and lets the young ones have their say in how their personal spaces look and feel!

Ideas, Ideas and More Ideas!

When decorating your kids’ rooms, there’s really no limit to how creative you, and they, can be. With so many ideas and products out there, it really pays to get the advice of a Window Fashions Professional to help keep design and budget in control. I’d love to show you what we can do in YOUR home together, and I am happy to offer my ideas to you at no cost. Just call us and we’ll schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss YOUR ideas and desires, and special problem windows, light control, privacy, and how window fashions are THE best way to improve the value of your home without major construction!

Visit our Gallery and See Your Ideal Windows Come True!

Now you can start picturing gorgeous new custom window fashions at YOUR windows without even leaving your home or office, saving you time, effort and even a few gallons of gas in the process! 

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