Are your Windows Undressed?

Posted on: February 10, 2014
Tags: Window Decor Ideas, Energy Efficient

Are Your Windows Underdressed?

Have you ever shown up for an event and felt like you chose your own apparel unwisely? It isn't the end of the world when his happens, but you do tend to remember how you felt being he only person there who "didn't get the memo".

Almost the same thing happens when your windows aren't well dressed... it's not so embarrassing really, but underdressed windows make a room look unfinished, in the way that missing a belt loop or forgetting to wear earrings can make your outfit seem, well, a little off. A single layer of blinds or shades may fit the bill for light control and privacy at your windows, but may not maximize the beauty and comfort possible when you complete the look with a layer or two of custom sheers and draperies that can also save you valuable energy dollars. It might be as simple as adding decorative custom cornices or valances to better frame your windows as focal points. We can help you make your rooms look well dressed every day, whether in a single layer or many... and that's where I come in! Together, we'll turn great ideas into spectacular windows, AND we'll work within your budget.

Window Decor Tip of the Month:

Layers Add Beauty and Protect Your Interiors!

Those mini-blinds still keep your room looking crisp, and direct sunlight out when it's too bright and warms up your rooms. But how about adding a layer of lined draperies hanging from decorative hardware to further control natural light and temperature, while making your whole room look more tailored, polished and comfortable? The softness and texture of fabric layered on top of the hard window coverings create a completely new look while changing just one component of your decor, a statement worth making when you add energy savings you'll realize. Better light control also means you're protecting your interior colors of light fade that occurs when sunlight enters unfiltered. Layers make and keep your rooms more beautiful, and we are trained and certified experts on how best to make it happen!

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