Window Treatments, Today

Window Coverings, Today 

New clients often ask, “What is most popular trend in window coverings?” Automation, is the biggest trend we are seeing in window coverings. You will be glad to know that automation is a trend that is here to stay! The cost of automated blinds & shades is much more affordable now than it was a year ago and the technology has improved significantly. Did you know that you can control your automated shades from your cell phone or tablet? Did you know that you can program them to go up and down at the window at certain times of the day by way of a timer and you don’t even have to be there?

The most sought out blind or shade by far is “one that you can see out but no one can see in”. The only problem is you will only find such a shade in a Harry Potter movie! It does not exist in the real world. The closest shade that will allow you similar features would be the Hunter Douglas Silhouette shade - which happens to be one of the most popular shades.

To elaborate more on this topic, I am sharing with you a newly completed project that shows what we can accomplish with Automated Silhouette® shades. This picture is of our client’s, Bob B’s, finished living room in Mariemont.

Bob’s project is a great representation of what window treatments are today.With just a touch of a button, Bob can tilt the signature “s-curved” vanes of his Silhouette® to redirect the sunlight in his living room thus changing the mood. Another touch of a button, and the shade can disappear under the floral pattern cornice, revealing a beautiful view of the park and allowing natural day light into the room. In the evening, he can close the shades and Voila! no one can see in

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