Problem Window Ends with a Beautiful Design

Posted on: September 11, 2013
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Suz B. - Mt. Adams, OH

Problem Window Ends with a Beautiful Design

Recently, I received a phone call from a couple that purchased and completely renovated a row house in Mt. Adams. The wife, Suz, informed me that they have never purchased custom window treatments before, but they were now on her “wish list” and she had already set aside a budget. During our conversation, Suz mentioned she was completely baffled with the living room windows and did not know what kind of treatments would work.

Upon touring the home it was apparent why the windows baffled her. As you know, most row houses are long and narrow with windows only on 2 sides of the homes, and their home was no exception! The only natural light available on the entire first floor is from the front door (facing south) and a large picture window as well as a back door on the back of the house (facing north).

Suz had 2 main concerns with treating her living room window. Her first concern was she did not want to cover up any side of the window because it would block the only natural lighting available for the main living and entertaining area. Her second concern was the very limited space to the right and left of the window as well as a drop ceiling, which abuts to the top left side of the window frame.

Aah! How I love a challenge! This was to be such a fun adventure for the 2 of us figuring out how to best dress her windows, while being cognizant to her concerns and physical home structure! Personally, I couldn’t wait to get started- and so we did!

I sketched a few options for Suz and she decided on cornices that would be mounted at the top of the window frame with 1 on each side to frame the window. Next, was to find the perfect combination of fabrics to compliment her existing paint, furniture, rug, and artwork. The decision was a light fabric with an occasional brown paisley pattern and included blue accents in the center of the paisley. Additionally, we found a dark brown fabric on cording / welt on the top and bottom of the cornice. We found the perfect complementary brown sheer fabric to create panels under the cornices. Then for the bottom 24” of the sheer we decided to have banded with the brown cotton sateen fabric (the same fabric used for the welt on the top and bottom of the cornices).

After manufacturing and installing the treatments, we could now see how every detail worked perfectly! The cording/ welt on the top and bottom of the cornice added complexity. The bottom of the brown band on the bottom of the sheers looked gorgeous and created a wonderful balance to the overall room and treatment. The sheer fabric for the panels also worked perfectly, because even though the fabric laid on the sides of the window it did not impede on the light or the view that Suz was concerned with losing.

As to my favorite part… apart from working with Suz, was when I received her call, “I Love, Love, Love my window treatments! They are so perfect it makes me teary eyed. I couldn’t have asked for anything more perfect for our home. I’m sending hugs to you and Dale right now.”

I am happy to end the project knowing that we completed her custom window treatments within her budget and left her happy and proud of her new exciting window treatments! - win situation for all.

As I always say… a good day starts and ends with a beautiful window treatment, a happy client and a new friend!

Tina M. Engdahl, Designer

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