Limited Wall Space - Drapery Design

Danielle D. - Xenia, OH

We met Danielle at the Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo at the Sharonville Convention Center. Danielle expressed her desire to have decorative draperies for her great room windows that would compliment her custom painting artwork as well as the limited space on the right side of the main wall and still maintain a balanced look.

Exciting Windows! by Apollo’s Solutions:

Danielle requested a drapery style that was two-sided, with one side reaching a shorter distance, due to the limitation of her bookcase on the far right side and mirroring that style on the far left side of the wall.

Tina suggested stationary side drapery panels hung on a board rather than stationary rods, flowing off the board to the ground contributing to the architectural features in the great room. Shorter panels were designed for the two end windows to address the limitation on the main wall with the bookcase. Drapery tiebacks were added to the design to shape the shorter panels. The design continues with additional shorter panels on the smaller arched windows on the entertainment wall, mirroring the look of the two shorter panels on the main wall. The design was continued with another long decorative drapery on the staircase landing window to create a welcoming, united space.

Danielle, happy with the style decision, continued the process by selecting a timeless white fabric that does not detect from her view compliments her custom painting artwork. For the drapery tieback fabric color, they matched a solid gray fabric to the main accent wall paint color. The fabric and design completes Danielle’s modern / eclectic style.

Point of View:

“From the time I met the team at Apollo at the Sharonville Remodeling Expo, to the time our beautiful window treatments were installed, we were taken care of professionally. Tina came out with the perfect selections to choose from and she knew exactly what I wanted. Our project was not easy to tackle, and Apollo did a spectacular job. We could not be more thrilled.” - Danielle D.

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