Building and Van Renovation

Posted on: February 2, 2016
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Our Home Away from Home  

After 43 years of refreshing your homes, it was finally time for Apollo to refresh its look and unveil a unique showroom experience, not in a plaza nor a mall, but in our home, where we have been since 1973. The very location where we design and fabricate your custom window treatments in our on-site workroom. We've renovated our showroom to help inspire new designs and ideas. Come experience what Apollo has to offer and let us help you dream of exciting windows! and more for your home. 

Not only have we renovated our showroom but we even renovated the outside. And what a difference it has made to our curb side appeal. We began improving our building with new windows and then moved on to the awning ( it use to be blue like the pole sign) and then decided to paint the building, put new window treatments in on both floors and finished with a new pole sign. We are so happy for the update. Lets be honest, our building and showroom lost its "welcoming" look 15 years ago! 

We welcome all to come to our showroom and experience and see the latest in window fashion trends. 


Along with our showroom and building renovation, we also put new graphics on our Vans! Over the past 3 years, we have continuously altered the van graphics. We have actually had 3 different graphics updates done over those years! We hope that our new vehicle graphics allow us to be seen when we are out on the road, installing and during our home consultations.  

If you see one of our vans in your neighborhood or on the road be sure to wave to us!

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