Peaceful and Soothing Bedroom Design

Posted on: August 28, 2019

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries. They're the place we lay our heads, relax, and want to feel quiet, calm and at peace. When designing a bedroom, all elements should have a soothing feel.

Our tips for should help you feel confident in choosing the right colors, fabrics and textures for the more relaxing bedroom around.


Use Colors that Invoke Calm

Color psychology sounds a little strange, but plenty of research has gone into the idea that our brains perceive different colors in different ways that can alter our moods.  Some colors give off energy and excitement, while others can create a feeling of calm, peacefulness and quiet. For our bedrooms, the latter is obviously preferred. So which colors accomplish this?

Cool hues. The difference between warm and cool isn't actually too complex. You remember the color wheel? One half is warm, the other is cool. Reds, oranges, and yellows are warm. Blues, greens and greys are cool. Usually. Greens and purples can be tricky, but if they're more heavily on the blue side, instead of the yellow or red respectively, they're cool. Lavender, for example, is often much more blue-based and a wonderfully relaxing tone of purple.

Neutral colors of grey and beige often have undertones of other colors. There are greenish greys, reddish beiges, and so on. If you're not sure, look at the different shades of that color and compare with red and blue and see which it matches with better to know its undertone.

Avoid brights, though. Just because blue is cool doesn't mean all blues are calming. Bright colors can be as jarring as a red wall, so make sure it's still on the softer side of the color, not neon.


Use Soft Fabrics & Textures

Another element of making a room feel "soft" and cozy is the textures. When selecting fabrics and materials, they also can give off a hard or soft feel, in a similar way to color. Strong metal accents with sharp angles can feel a little industrial and sharp, which isn't necessarily the feel you want for your bedroom. Wood and fabric combinations often work great for making a space feel calm.

Make sure any wood elements are on the softer side as well - faded, lighter woods often work wonderful for this purpose and look great and modern without being harsh.

When it comes to fabrics, we don't necessarily mean lace and sheer white curtains, though those certainly can add a soft touch. Linens in cool colors also add texture, which helps a design look more complete, without being overly busy with distracting patterns. One favorite decor option in bedrooms is using textile wall hangings and yarn/macrame hangers or wall decor. These touches add a lot of visual interest as well as keeping design elements a little softer.


Break the rules if you want to


Obviously, these suggestions are just that - suggestions. Your bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in your home, and should always feel the best to you personally, not a designer! We have seen some beautiful bedrooms that break these rules and look amazing.

If you find yourself drawn to dark reds, burnt oranges, or strong metal angles, go for it. Just make sure when you go into the room, you still find the design peaceful. Light has strong psychology as well, and if you find yourself feeling a little overwhelmed, you can try adjusting the spectrum of your bulbs instead to try to bring down the energy in the space.

This doesn't mean you need to rid of everything in your space, either. Changing a light bulb and acquiring new bedding and window coverings can often be enough in a room to totally change the look and feel, without needing to do anything major. If you want help bringing more softness to your room, give us a call.

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