Roman Shade & Whimsical Valance

Posted on: May 12, 2017
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Janice H. - Cheviot, OH

Janice came to us with a need to cover 2 windows in her newly renovated upstairs bathroom. We completed projects for Janice over the past several years, so when Ryan received her call, he knew to take her pattern fabrics that are bright and cheery to reflect her beautiful home and personality.

Exciting Windows! by Apollo’s Solutions:

Janice expressed to Ryan how she visited our website and decided she wanted a valance over a hobbled roman shade. She also expressed, how she loves the valance Tina designed for her kitchen and wanted to recreate the whimsical style for her bathroom.

Hobbled roman shades have full fabric folds, making them project further from the window leaving a larger light gap. A hobbled roman shade also creates a larger stack when raise which would interfere with the pinch pleat whimsical valance style that Janice was already determined to have.

Based on the style and look Janice wanted, Ryan was able to suggest a ribbed pleat roman shade instead of a hobbled roman shade. Ribbed pleat roman shades have pockets in the front of the shade accenting each pleat. This style would give the appearance of a hobbled roman shade, while creating minimal light gap at the window as well as allow a smaller profile stack when raised up under the valance.

Janice made the decision to cover the windows with a ribbed pleat roman shade under a pinch pleat whimsical valance. Happy with her style decision, they selected fabric that complimented the orange, beige and taupe tones in the bathroom.

Point of View:

“I am very pleased with all my drapes, shades and the work done. The materials and styles have made my home look lovely and meet my needs. The staff has been very helpful and caring.” - Janice H.

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