Why DIY? When I Can Help You Get Exactly the Look You Want, Custom Made? On YOUR Budget!

Posted on: October 2, 2013
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Why DIY? When I Can Help You Get Exactly the Look You Want, Custom Made? On YOUR Budget!

You may feel perfectly confident in decorating your home successfully with your sense of style and comfort, as most people do just that.  Choosing YOUR colors, YOUR fabrics and YOUR furnishings is very satisfying both in process and once you see the finished product... YOUR lovely rooms. But one place in the home that is usually underestimated in a “Do-It-Yourself” project is decorating the windows.

Windows are usually underestimated when tackling a DIY project because of all the different variables to consider for every window. Every window and every room is different, and there's just so much to know about how the best window treatments are created to suit each room. Standardized measurements described in "how to" instructions for one window style often won't work for another. So the luxurious fullness, rich overlap and other important details that make window coverings look tailored and "complete" just can't be achieved. When it comes to window fashions like blinds and shades, measuring and installation can make all the difference either giving you that great look or a look that is…well… not so great.

That's where we come in. We're trained and certified in ALL window fashions, and our knowledge of the universe of window fashion styles, products and technical information makes getting the perfect dream-look on Your budget a virtually guaranteed experience!  Just give us a call, and we’ll set up a no-cost, at-home appointment.

Michael Payne's Window Décor Tip of the Month:

Give Your Windows Something Beautiful: Soft Shades or Blinds!

Some of the hottest and most beautiful window fashions available today offer distinctive and sophisticated style to match their fabulous light control, privacy and thermal properties.  Rich, lined Roman Shadings add so much to any room, as do blinds and other shades made of or covered in gorgeous fabric.  The possibilities are almost limitless, so call a Window Fashions Professional today to help you realize your window dreams come true.

Ideas, Ideas and More Ideas!

When decorating your kids’ rooms, there’s really no limit to how creative you, and they, can be.  With so many ideas and products out there, it really pays to get the advice of a Window Fashions Professional to help keep design and budget in control.  I’d love to show you what we can do in YOUR home together, and I am happy to offer my ideas to you at no cost.  Just call me and we’ll schedule a free in-home consultation to discuss YOUR ideas and desires. We will address the issues of special problem windows, light control, privacy, and how window fashions are THE best way to improve the value of your home without major construction! Learn more about decorating kids room here.

Visit the IDEA Studio and See Your Ideal Windows Come True!

Now you can start picturing gorgeous new custom window fashions on YOUR windows without even leaving your home or office, saving you time, effort and even a few gallons of gas in the process! With the Exciting Windows! IDEA Studio site, you select from a complete array of window types to approximate the ones you want to treat, a vast array of designs and products that include virtually EVERY window fashion type and style, and luxurious extras like valances, cornices, decorative hardware and tie-backs. Visit www.excitingwindows.com today.

For more great decorating ideas click here to view our recorded trunk show featuring HGTV's Michael Payne and stunning window treatments from the portfolios of talented Exciting Windows! talented designers!

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