Women's Apparel and Home Textiles Patterns

Posted on: September 19, 2013
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“Women’s apparel influences home textiles,” true or false?

Answer… a resounding “true!”

Concerned with finding the perfect textile pattern for your home? Put your concerns away and predict future trends in home textile patterns by paying attention to the fabric patterns you see in women’s clothing this year.

On both, professional and personal level, I can vouch for how women’s clothing reflects textile patterns in the home the following year. My 26 years of design experience has proven this statement over and over. I feel the need to prove the theory and share with you my personal experience. *Note that there is no scientific basis behind this research and I don’t recommend this procedure as it can become detrimental to your household budget.

“Busy, Bold, Fun, & Fresh,” are the words to describe fabric pattern trends at the High Point Market last fall, 2012. Today, I see those words transpose in the latest fabric pattern fashions, known as, chevron, ikat, trellis, quatrefoil, and lattice to name a few. I will share with you my personal experience of women’s clothing and home textile patterns. 

Two years ago, I bought a shirt with a throwback 70’s pattern, Flame Stitch (image 1), for the sole purpose of wondering if the pattern would be an upcoming pattern in textile fabrics. Sure enough, this pattern is now featured as one of the hottest trends in textile fabrics (image 2). Today, this pattern has re-emerged and is now called, Chevron- same, but yet, a little different. (compare image 1 with image 2) Notice the similarity between the flame stitch pattern on my 2 year-old shirt and the chevron pattern in our current fabric sample books? 

A couple weeks back, my daughter, Abby, (a 3rd year nursing student at the University of Cincinnati) mentioned to me that she could use more drawer space for her room. Hearing her request, I happened upon an oak buffet piece dresser that I thought would fit her needs. I sent her a picture of the dresser and told her, I would paint it if she liked it. Abby’s response was, “ I love it! Thanks mom. Would you please paint it white with a gray chevron pattern?”  My head spun! How could she have the slightest idea of what a chevron pattern was?? Had she changed majors from nursing to design and forgot to tell us?? No! But, she is a typical 20 year-old fashionista! Abby even wore a shirt with the chevron pattern on it when we delivered her furniture to her! (image 3)

In closing, our workroom is finishing up a drapery for one of our clients. The drapery is a damask pattern but the drapery displays the chevron pattern by the way the pattern  alternates colors between taupe and gray(image 4). Incorporating both, damask and chevron into the drapery adds to the textiles trend of being, “Busy, Bold, Fun, & Fresh,” bringing an new sense of liveliness into the home. I promise to follow up with a picture post on the Exciting Windows! by Apollo Draperies facebook page as soon as the draperies are installed. 

As always… A good day starts and ends with a beautiful window treatment and a happy client! Here’s to wishing you a good day!


Tina M. Engdahl, Designer

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