Powerview® Motorization

It moves your shades, so you don't have to 

Imagine a world where window treatments anticipate your needs and adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambiance morning, noon and night. That’s the beauty of PowerView® Motorization by Hunter Douglas. 

Just program PowerView® to move your window treatments to the exact position you want and then control and schedule them using the intuitive PowerView® App on your smartphone or tablet. You can also operate your PowerView® settings using the stunning new  PowerView® Pebble Remote. 

Available in an incredible range of sophisticated styles, PowerView® Motorization creates a whole new world of beauty and convenience. Call to learn more.

ipad and Hunter Douglas Pebble Remote

PowerView® System Control

With our  PowerView® Pebble® Remote or with your Apple® or Android™ mobile device,  choreograph exactly how the light will play throughout your home. It’s the ultimate control in the palm of your hand.

The PowerView® App unlocks the full potential of  PowerView® Motorization. Using the App on your smartphone or tablet, you can create and schedule customized room scenes that allow your shades to operate on their own throughout the day.


Shades that Operate on YOUR Schedule

Use the scheduling feature to set your Scenes to operate independently. You can program any Scene to activate on specific days and times. You can even schedule multiple-room Scenes to activate simultaneously.

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PowerView® Hub Home Automation Compatibility

Home Automation Compatibility

The Hunter Douglas PowerView® Hub features a chipset that makes it compatible with Apple® HomeKit™, Amazon Alexa and Google Home.  

Whole-Home Integration

Along with controlling your Hunter Douglas PowerView® shades through the PowerView® App and Pebble Control, PowerView® also seamlessly integrates with other sophisticated whole-home automation systems. Synchronize your 'Scenes' to automatically activate in coordination with your other smart home devices to create picture-perfect settings throughout the day, every day.